Knowing that we help businesses to succeed drives our passion and is one of the many rewarding reasons we enjoy serving members. The following statements are only a few of the many success stories that demonstrate the results trading has achieved for BBI members:


“I’ve saved money by trading my catering for many other services I would have had to pay cash for such as dry cleaners, printing and social media.”

   – Anja Stief, Dish and Design Catering

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“BBI has generated new customers who fill in appointments, which would otherwise go empty. I’ve increased marketing, including a new website, and took my family on an annual vacation by leveraging my spare capacity. “

­Dr. Joseph Pitcavage, Lowcountry Eyecare


“Being able to move excess inventory through the trade network, instead of discounting, has been a big benefit for my business. I’ve utilized my trade credits for client and employee sales incentive programs.  What’s not to like about it?”

John Eckstrom, Carolina Business Equipment

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“I was amazed to obtain a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz automobile. I have saved over $30,000 in cash, by getting things through barter. Virtually all the trade dollars I take in have been from new clients. I would have never had these clients if not referred to me through Barter Brokers, so I consider my trade dollars as additional revenue, so when I spend it, it truly is saving me cash. This is why, along with the wide variety of products and services I have acquired on trade, I have been a member for more than 12 years.”

Steve Krumins, Greenville Auto Repair

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“Barter Brokers makes media placement in multiple markets cost-effective and hassle-free. I love trading with the BBI team!”

‐ Alissa Murrie, Fripp Island Resort