About Barter Brokers International

What are we ABOUT?

We’re about YOU — not us. Generating results for your business is the measure that we value. We’re successful because owners are able to achieve their goals with our help and network.

BBI consciously and strategically operates as a private independent regional firm working to improve small and mid–size companies’ business. We do that within our members’ local markets. Often we help them push their market reach beyond their usual boundaries.

How do we do that? We act local but think global. We have branches in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey. But we don’t stop there. BBI’s reach includes both our growing membership and over 350 barter networks around the world.

Our affiliation with these networks provides access to local, national, and global buyers and sellers. This allows you to broaden your market from local to global, with regional and national in between, through the exchange of products and services instead of cash payments.

Being the biggest exchange doesn’t make you the best exchange. So while we are growing, we remain focused on quality service and advanced sales tools. We are not focused on size over sustainable results.

Sustainable results are important to us. It’s the key to what we are not. BBI is not a multi–national organization that sells and operates franchises. Being independent allows us to be nimble and flexible to adjust to the ever–changing business landscape on behalf of our members. Business opportunities and challenges in Charleston SC can be much different than in San Francisco, CA and vice versa. We are not limited or have restraints due to a large corporate structure comprised of separate franchise owners who happen to operate under the same name and rules.

Since the day we started in 1994, we’ve remained committed to exceptional service and uncompromised business practices. Over the years that commitment and set of principles have been and still remain a source of pride to each BBI employee. Our 22 years of commitment is the substance enabling us to provide sustainable results and meaningful solutions to members.


  • To have a positive business and social impact for members and employees in the communities in which we serve.

BBI would be honored to have you and your business as a member in our network.