Barter Brokers International

A Business to Business Trade Exchange Company


Barter Business Means

Better Business

Bartering Benefits

Generates new business, Profit from unproductive assets, Reduce cash expenditures, Increase bottom line profits

How Does It Work?

BBI works by selling your products or services to an exchange member, instead of receiving cash, you will receive trade dollars (credits). Learn More

How To Qualify

If you have a product or service to trade, you pay the entry fee and you agree to the terms of service; then BBI will welcome you into the vast network.

Barter Brokers International

Welcome EBarterNation members.

EBN_LogoBarter Brokers International (BBI), headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with more than 22 years of bartering relationships, has acquired E Barter Nation.

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Our web site is just one more way we put Barter Broker International customers first – by bringing our products and services to you and saving you time and money. Now learn how to use your Trade Account to fully take advantage of your BBI Membership.

Whether you’re new to barter or you have been bartering goods and services for years, BBI is here to help. Proudly serving our local and national customers since 1994, we’re known for our knowledgeable, resourceful staff, our large selection of products and services, and our commitment to our members.