Coronavirus Update

23 Mar Coronavirus Update

The Covid-19 pandemic is not what we had in mind for our 26th year of being in business at BarterBrokers. Nobody saw 2020 coming to a full stop. It is affecting everyone and every business in ways none of us could have imagined. It is not how anyone would choose to invigorate the barter industry. But it is. Barter is becoming relevant in ways none of us have seen in our lifetime.

Already barter is trending on Facebook Marketplace with a spike in one-to-one trades: bread for avocados, toilet paper for vodka, lawn mower parts for produce. Three weeks ago an article appeared in a business acquisition journal about the potential for growth for barter exchanges. The author thought with the way the economy was heading exchanges were attractive for acquisition.

Most industries are experiencing fundamental disruptions and cobbling new ways to accomplish business-to-business commerce. As cash becomes tighter while we all fight to get through this, remember you, as a BarterBroker’s trade partner, have an alternative “fund” you can tap that allows you to hold on to your increasingly precious cash. You have a marketplace in your arsenal that allows you to move goods and services that are stagnant.

We’re here to broker your sales and purchases. If you need something, email or call us. We’re ready to do whatever we can to help you get it on trade. We’re ready to help you sell idle inventory and services by advertising it for you on our local, regional, national, and worldwide trade marketplace.

The sooner we all embrace the new hurdles we have to overcome to stay in business, the faster we can adapt and get back to forward motion. We can start by taking steps to get over this FULL STOP mountain that has to be scaled. Some of the best advice I’ve ever taken to heart is when you are faced with a mountain to climb, don’t look at the mountain. Look at your feet on the way up. Before you know it, you’ll be on top. 

BarterBrokers is climbing the mountain. If you need help getting up it, we’re here.

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